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NEW T-Shirt

Are you going to throw away that old t-shirt?

Don't do it. You can recycle that old tee. You can make a comforable cushion out of it.

With your trusty needle, thread and scissors, you can sew up t-shirt to create a new cushion.
Then you can plump up that cushion by stuffing it with another old t-shirt.

Here's how.

Step 1 Turn that old t-shirt inside out.
You want the seams to be hidden from sight. By turning the t-shirt inside out, the seams you
sew will be hidden when you invert the t-shirt later.

Step 2 Sew the bottom of the t-shirt shut.
You create the bottom seam of the cushion by sewing right across the middle of your t-shirt
parallel to the hem, and back again to make sure that seam is strong. The excess fabric from
the middle of the t-shirt to the hem would be used as stuffing once you invert the t-shirt at a
later stage.

Step 3 Sew the sleeves to close them up
Sew the sleeves shut from the sides of the t-shirt right up to the shoulder, closing the arm hole

Step 4 Turn that tee the right way round.
Put your hand through the neckline and pull the t-shirt inside out again, to invert it. The excess
fabric will stay in the cushion as filling. You should get a rectangular cushion.

Step 5 Sew the neckline and you're done.
Sew that neckline shut with needle and thread.

Now you have a comfortable cushion made up of your old tees. You can decorate this new
cushion whichever way you want. You can sew sequins, draw on it with a fabric pen, embroider
the cushion.. whichever way your creativity takes you.

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