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NEW T-Shirt
Are the old shirt headed to the dustbin?
Submitted by ebetsanders

Stop! N waste. Recycle. Did you know that you can recycle this shirt by the change in
comforable cushion?

using a needle, some thread and a pair of scissors, you can sew shirts and turn it into flat
cushion. Then you can plump up with another old shirt.


Step 1 Turn that old shirt inside out.
Want seams to be hidden from view. Turning the shirt inside out, you sew the seams will be
hidden when you flip the shirt later.

Step 2 Sew the bottom of the shirt closed.
You create the bottom of the sewing cushion sewing through the middle of your shirt parallel
to the hem, and back again to ensure that the seam is strong. The excess tissue from the
middle of the shirt hem to be used as a farce once you flip the shirt at a later stage.

Step 3 Sew sleeves or close
sew the sleeves to close the sides of the shirt right to the shoulder, arm closing hole

Step 4 Turn outset that the right way round.
Put your hand with the neck and pull the shirt inside out again to reverse. Excess fabric will
remain in the cushion filling. You should receive a rectangular cushion.

Step 5 Sew the neck and you finished.
Sew neck that cut with the needle and thread.

Final! You now have a comfortable cushion composed of your old mounds. You can decorate
the new cushion in the way you want. You can sew sequins, shoot with a fabric pen,
embroider the cushion .. Which means you take your creativity.
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For more info about Big Jacket please review this website or even
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