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NEW T-Shirt
Submitted by kevelac

T-shirt screen printing seems to be the latest craze. Everyone from kids to grandparents are
making t-shirts with their favorite picture, logo, slogan, and more via t-shirt screen printing. So,
why has there been such a boom in t-shirt screen printing? Obviously, the idea of owning a t-shirt
that nobody else owns has its appeal, but it’s the variety of benefits t-shirt screen printing
upholds, over other ways to create shirts, that is really driving the market. The Shirt Printer is one
company that keeps up with industry innovations and improvements to deliver high quality
products at a competitive price.

The popularity of t-shirt screen printing has risen fast due to its low cost to consumers. T-shirt
screen printing techniques continue to advance, and thus is more economical compared to other
methods such as iron on tee shirt printing, airbrush, or even fabric markers. The composition of
the actual screens also provides the benefit of maintaining quality when it comes to printing a
large quantity of apparel. As a result, every individual shirt out of a large quantity is more likely to
look the same, as opposed to other manual methods of printing where it’s largely done by eye. T-
shirt screen printing also allows for the use of more vibrant colors which can be more easily
customized. Also, t-shirt screen printing lasts much longer than other methods of creating t-shirts,
especially when high quality materials are used; thus, t-shirt screen printing clearly outlasts the

T-shirt screen printing is certainly the new low cost way to wear custom apparel, and it continues
to become more popular throughout the consumer market. T-shirt screen printing uses a variety of
complex techniques, and an experienced company should be used to create quality t-shirt screen

About the Author
Kevin Uzelac, owner of, is an expert on shirt screen printing. With years of
industry experience, Kevin started his own website to offer high-quality, discounted screen
printing on a nationwide scale. specializes in providing custom T-shirt screen
printing and custom silk screening services for businesses, teams, schools, organizations and