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Finding The Funny T-Shirts That Are Right For You
Submitted by jeswitham

According to many you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, however, in reality most people do.
And, appearance isn't just an issue which has an impact on the publishing business. It impacts
you too! What you wear, and how you wear it, can really make the difference between creating
a great impression and falling short. Whether your buying a new pair of shoes, jeans or a t-shirt
don't think that what's inside is all that matters.

Funny t-shirts are a growing market segment, and neither wonder -- a decade ago funny t-
shirts were associated with vacations and event memorabilia. Now they're much more than that.
It's now possible to buy funny t-shirts that look stylish, and have jokes which cater for a wide
array of audiences.

Personal Branding...

Procter and Gamble are the worlds largest advertiser. They own a large portfolio of food brands,
and they understand how important it is to get their message across. When they decide to
introduce a new product to the market they don't just call it a generic name. They could have
opted to call “Duracell “Proctor and Gamble Batteries”, but they didn't. They didn't because they
recognize the importance that the name and image of their products has on perception and the
likelihood that someone is going to buy their products.

You can't change your name, but you can mould your image. The clothing you wear has an
impact on the way you're perceived. And, unlike food brands, you can't get away with having
the same image everyday. Wear the same pair of jeans two days in a row and nobody will
notice, and the same goes for shoes. Wear the same jacket every day and nobody will think
anything of it. But, don't think the same rule applies with t-shirts. You have to have an
expansive wardrobe of t-shirts, each and every one forming a part of who you are.

A Great Talking Point...

Funny t-shirts can be a great talking point. You've met someone for the first time, and the
conversation has turned to the weather. You notice that they're wearing a t-shirt that uses a
play on a famous film character's saying to provoke humour. You now have a conversational
route away from weather and into films. Clever, isn't it?

Cheap And Cheerful...

Nobody likes to wear the same clothes everyday. And, with funny t-shirts available for under
$20 you don't have to. If you wear a different t-shirt everyday it will look as though you've
wearing a completely different outfit for a fraction of the cost of buying one.


If you think funny t-shirts are for children then why not consider vintage t-shirts? Vintage shirts
have many of the same advantages as funny t-shirts, however if you find they get in the way of
your sophistication then don't go sacrificing that for no one. Opt for a vintage t-shirt instead.

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