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Looking for the Old. A New Trend in Vintage T-shirts.
Submitted by JMA GROUP

So you saw a vintage looking t-shirt in a name brand store that you want, but it cost 25 dollars.
There are ways that you can get that same t-shirt without paying such a hefty price. In the new
trend today where t-shirts are playing a big role in the fashions of everyone, major corporate
stores are beginning to start carrying vintage style t-shirts. This gives the average consumer
another choice that is less expensive to purchase that vintage look that they want. However, to
truly call it a vintage t-shirt, one has to look pretty hard to find one. Remember that vintage means
that they are old. Something that you picked up at a hot new shop may look vintage, but it is not.
To really get into vintage, you must make something new out of something that is old. If you don't
happen to have a old collection of random shirts there are many places that you can get used
clothing and you will save a ton of money as well. Here are some ideas to help you find those
places where vintage t-shirts hide.

First and foremost, check in the back of your parent’s closet (but make sure to ask first). Some
people are sentimental and do not want to throw out vintage t-shirts as they usually provoke a lot
of memories by just looking at them. You should also check out garage sales. Sometimes as people
are cleaning out, they will have a bunch of old shirts stacked up that don’t fit and they just want to
get rid of them. You never know what you might find. Someone may be throwing away a classic t-
shirt because they just don’t really know what they have. You can also look in thrift stores. You
might be able to find something that will look great and fit your sense of style for a fraction of the
cost of those big stores. And it will be truly vintage. Another place to look is at flea markets. You
might have to sift through a lot or search diligently, but in the long run it could be very well worth
it. Where else could you find that one of a kind shirt for only a buck fifty!

Where ever you look and find your vintage t-shirt, keep in mind that you clothes are how people
judge your character. You want to be original and find your own style. It does not matter what the
t-shirt says or if the logo or design is something of the past. The vintage t-shirt will never go out of
style. They will only help to enhance yours.

About the Author
Savey Bakarne is a graphic designer who works in alternate forms such as on Printed T-Shirts and
print making and computer technologies.